︎ 01.23.2023

Welcome to the Supercave!

If you're here, thank you for ordering THE NEWSPAPER and supporting us as we roll out a lot of new music in 2023. This is a regularly updated live link that will give you early access to all things Supercave.

Our first single, "The Situation" will go live on streaming platforms in March but it will be available to stream/download here one week early. Here, we will give early streaming access to all of our upcoming releases, free downloads to our music, access to stems, B-sides, photos and stories that we won't share anywhere else.

We also would like to invite you to join our private Whatsapp group chat. You will have a direct line to us and we'll hang out in the chat. What are we going to talk about? Whatever comes up... songs we like, memes, must-see films, and anything else you want to talk about.

Thanks for being here and chat soon xx