September 22, 2023          |         THE GETUP is now streaming everywhere!

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September 19, 2023          |         Friday...

August 21, 2023          |         Heading to NYC & Chicago this week!

August 19, 2023          |         our single “CRAZY” is out everywhere today!
hope it hits you Xx

Listen here

August 17, 2023          |         ︎ SATURDAY ︎

August 16, 2023          |         new song this Saturday 🚨
8.24 Live in NYC
8.27 Live in CHICAGO

August 12, 2023          |         👁👁 NEW TUNE SOON    
8.24 Live in NYC
8.27 Live in CHICAGO

July 28, 2023          |         
Tix are live! See you at The Troubadour LA!  Get your tix now

July 25, 2023          |         
some special things coming soon to our Live Link ppl 👀 opt in when you cop
THE NEWSPAPER! avail here

July 20, 2023          |         🌚️

July 7, 2023          |         🌘👋

June 16, 2023          |          
Thank you all for the sold out Zebulon show in LA last month. We missed you ❤️️
[ photos by Mike Burgess ]

More shows coming soon. Get tickets here

May 15, 2023          |          See you tonight, LA!
More shows this summer.
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May 12, 2023          |          It’s official!

PILLS is streaming across the internet
︎︎︎ Listen here

May 6, 2023          |         New shows w/ Yoke Lore!

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May 3, 2023          |

Our next single PILLS is coming soon!
Pre-save it now

Apr 14, 2023          |          🚨 SUPERCAVE x DE LUX 🚨

Live in San Diego, CA
June 24

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Apr 7, 2023          |          Hey friends!

"THE SITUATION" remix from BLACKPAW's Adrian Rodriguez is out today!
It pulls apart the disco-drenched single and turns it into a club-ready banger. As the marquee DJ and driving force behind LA dance night “Paradise Vice”, Adrian is no stranger to sounds that make bodies move. Thrilled he brought his energy to this one. Have a listen!

Apr 3, 2023          |          Q1 RECAP:

Dear Valued Shareholders,

Despite the liquidity issues facing other institutions, you can rest assured that your investment with us is backed by the limitless credibility of the Music Industry. In today's volatile markets, your faith is not taken for granted and we have pivoted our focus accordingly. Modern science dictates that "Big Beats" are the source of all power and the foundational technology behind time-travel. We hold these truths to be self-evident, but we are going one step further: putting our cutting-edge theories to the test in trustless protocols and inviting the rigorous real-world challenges that would shake the thesis of lesser organizations. Consider us the proof (until disproven). 

Q1 Highlights:

1. Say "hi" on socials for 1st time in ∞ 
2. Helmet shopping for photo shoot 🪖
3. Announce "THE NEWSPAPER" 🗞️
4. Pat loses his virginity 💦
5. Host record listening party 🎧
6. Release THE SITUATION 🌋
7. Tix on sale for Zebulon on 05.15  🎫
8. Land on loads of playlists ☺️
9. Tease Remix out on 04.07 🙈
10. Prep the next one 😎


Mar 24, 2023          |          It’s official!

THE SITUATION is streaming across the internet
︎︎︎ Listen here

Mar 10, 2023          |          

We are very hyped to announce our upcoming single "THE SITUATION" will be released everywhere 3/24!
Make sure you don’t miss it by Pre-Saving the song on Spotify now!

Mar 08, 2023          |          Hello friends!

We will be returning to the stage MAY 15 IN LOS ANGELES. We've missed you.

This show is not yet on sale to the general public... 
But tickets for the show are now on sale exclusively at our store. With each order, you will receive a poster of your choosing, featuring original artwork by Alexandre Souêtre.

Posters will be available at the Supercave merch booth on the night of the show. Will you choose the RED or the BLUE? Your ticket(s) will be redeemable at will call.

Tickets available everywhere else this Friday 3/10. $10, $15 at the door. Support from Big Sis.

Another special announcement is coming this Friday...

See you there,


Mar 06, 2023          |          🕶


Mar 01, 2023          |          ︎

Feb 24, 2023          |          now imagine this 10X larger and in your cold pretty hands

massive thanks to everyone that joined us at the THE NEWSPAPER launch event last week!
now shipping THE NEWSPAPER

Feb 8, 2023          |          Good news!

THE NEWSPAPER has arrived and we are hosting a launch party. if you don’t have Valentine’s day plans, join us on Tuesday for a Supercave + Friends DJ Set where we’ll spin unreleased music and celebrate months of visual explorations w @axlsouetre pressed into this gorgeous release. RSVP only ︎︎︎ here 

Also, THANK YOU to everyone who pre-ordered THE NEWSPAPER. this Sunday, we’ll be hand delivering a batch to some of you in LA. dm us on IG if you’d like us to pay a visit Xx

Feb 5, 2023          |          Rorschach test . . .

Jan 23, 2023          |          We are happy to announce THE NEWSPAPER!

Months of visual explorations transmuted across time and melted down into a warm pulpy vat of colors, then steam pressed into something heavy you can hold in your cold, pretty hands. Also, the physical keys to a digital kingdom.

52 pages of full bleed original artwork printed on 80gsm bright recycled. 14" x 11" of rich vivid prints.
All photos and design by Alexandre Souêtre.

By pre-ordering THE NEWSPAPER, you reserve your physical copy and you receive digital access to all things Supercave. With your purchase, you will get access to an exclusive live link where we will release downloads to upcoming releases before streaming platforms, share unheard B-sides, and extras like audio stems + a private group chat.

We can't wait to share everything we've been working on with you.


Jan 19, 2023          |          announcing an announcement soon . . .

Jan 17, 2023          |          testing the emergency broadcast system

Jan 09, 2023          |          going deeper

Jan 04, 2023          |          hello again

Jan 01, 2023          |          hello 2023 😏️